Illuminated Signage

Signage needs to be clear and concise, but at the same time prominent to attract attention. The best way for signage to impose an impact, is with illumination. Whether its down lighting or illuminating from within, we have a wealth of options that utilise different materials, and illuminating techniques to ensure your sign will stand out from its surroundings whilst still welcoming and informing passers-by.

We offer everything from Light boxes, face or halo illuminated lettering, edge lit Perspex and even Neon signage. Our routine work entails illuminating bespoke shop front signage and complex window displays. We have also worked closely with architects, artists and lighting companies to engineer and realise their abstract design ideas.

We source the latest LED technologies, for the best illumination. These are the most reliable, sustainable and energy efficient systems compared to traditional lighting sources.

We can offer cool or warm white, a spectrum of off the shelf colours or if your requirement is for a specific hue, we can integrate an RGB controlled system that allows adjustment throughout the colour spectrum.

We can also implement various translucent prints or coverings if you wanted an illuminated image or pattern included into your signage.