Fascia Signage

In our time, we’ve created every type of shop front sign, from traditional hand painted timber items, to large faceted illuminated fascia’s, using various different materials and finishes.

In this field there are infinite options available, all of which we can achieve in house. If you have a concept in mind, let us survey and design it for you. Our talented team will work to develop a system that works for you and your budget, ensuring it’s made to a high standard and installed within your deadline.

Most of our fascia’s are made from folded aluminium due to its strength and light weight properties. We can wet spray or powder coat to a colour reference, or alternatively we can apply a vinyl print to the front to add a more dynamic design. With our CNC machinery we can also fret cut out lettering that can be backed up with acrylic for illumination.

If you require the whole front panel to illuminate we can build large light boxes or utilise a printed flex skin to span the whole sign box. Alternatively we can pre mount built up lettering to the face of the aluminium trays and add individual illumination to each character.