Built Up/3D Letters

Implementing Built up logos and lettering within a reception area or onto your building provides a striking focal point with high visual impact. We can offer a range of different options for your 3D lettering needs. Utilising a variety of materials from acrylics to stainless steel and aluminium. Finishes include brushed stainless, mirror polished, or even painted coating, with or without illumination.

Our plastic fabrication team can create full acrylic lettering that will illuminated on the faces and the returns. Alternatively we can mount acrylic faces into metal lettering enabling the front to glow, or the most popular arrangement where the light emits from the rear of a metal letter known in the industry as ‘Halo illumination’.

If the text does not require illumination we can also offer machine cut lettering from thick materials, such as acrylic, foamex or MDF. These can then be painted in any finish and do not have the small visible join lines you get from a fabricated letter, which are ideal for lettering mounted at eye height.

What ever you built up / 3d lettering requirements are, our sales team will recommend and spec a suitable design for your needs whilst ensuring we keep to a competitive price.

Recent Projects – Built Up/3D Letters: